Weekend motorbike tour to the tip of Africa

Starting out early on a Saturday morning, we head out on the farm and mountain roads to the famous whale watching town of Hermanus, where stop for brunch.

Hermanus is well known for whale watching. Every Spring (September/October) scores of whales make their way to the waters of this quaint seaside town to mate. If the season is right, we have a good chance of seeing whales. From here, we head on through some more beautiful small towns along the gravel roads to Cape Agulhas. We spend the night here.

Cape Agulhas is the Southernmost point of Africa, where the Indian meets the Atlantic ocean. Sunday morning, we head out to the Cape Agulhas lighthouse, walk/ride out to the Southernmost point before the crowds arrive. There is a shipwreck very near the shore which makes for very interesting photographs!

Afterwards, we head out Northwards and Inland through beautiful gravel farm roads and mountain passes to the sleepy town of Greyton. Just before reaching the town, we stop to cool off in a river with a picturesque fairytale setting. After lunch in Greyton, we head back out via Genadendal, along the Picturesque Riviersonderend River and back to Cape Town!

The deal for the tour is $400 which includes motorcycle and whatever motorcycle gear riding gear is have available. You are also responsible for filling up your own petrol, and splitting the my costs (food, petrol, accomodation) with other members of the tour. My needs are basic. Food from the supermarket, and camping! A refundable deposit of $750 is required cover possible damages to the bike.

Go to GearDivvy to find out more


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