Cape Town Kizomba hotspot

Cape Town - Best picks


I may have posted a while ago about Praia Morena, the authentic Angola restaurant in Cape Town, and the place to be for Kizomba in Cape Town.  At the time they weren’t doing lessons there yet.  It is the best place to be to hear the latest authentic Kizomba music and dance Kizomba with authentic Angolan men/women.  None (let me say hardly any – to be safe) of that anglicized Kizomba music.  Only authentic Kizomba enjoyed by the Africans who have the dance in theirbody, mind and soul.  Why I love this place is because its so far removed from the snobbery of Salsa.  Unfortunately the Kizomba circling the globe is coming from those Salsa snobs and they have turned it into a similar dance of the snob as they have with salsa.  Well, FOR THE BEST KIZOMBA LESSONS IN CAPE TOWN, YOU CAN NOW GET THEM AT PRAIA MORENA…

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