A weekend in Maputo

Goodness, this trip was last year this time (2014), but I’ve been so sentimental about the memories, I didn’t want to relive it.  Luckily this post was almost completely written, but not yet posted, so its a good start:

After the exciting experience getting to Maputo all I needed was to collapse onto a bed and pass out.  I booked into The Base Backpackers.  It cost 400 meticais per night which is nice and cheap.  The place is clean, cosy.  The first morning waking up there though, I noticed that my groceries had been stolen.  I’m almost sure it was the American youngsters who were up in the wee hours of the morning getting ready to leave on the bus to Tofo when I got back from a night on the town and vomited in a packet (which is a story I will not say anything more about).   They were a miserable trio of serious blank faced travelers.  I wondered why they hadn’t just stayed at home and worked on each others nerves instead.  The Base doesn’t have a very social atmosphere.  And they don’t have mosquito nets.  So if you wana dance with death and catch some Moz Malaria, then go there.  I hadn’t realized how seriously a problem mosquitoes are in Moz.  I didn’t know that they were everywhere.  I have a good resistance, but more likely good luck, so I survived at The Base, but how absolutely inconvenient it is to itch all night long.  They wait until you are nicely settled into bed, lights off, and then they start to bite.  And they don’t stop till the sun comes up.  Also, while I’m on the topic, be warned, if you are planning to stay in backpacker accomodation anywhere in Moz, its cold showers only.  Ok, I’m going off track here.

After a couple of hours of snoozing,  I got up and explored the town a bit.  Maputo is big, There is one sliver that is well kept and kind of clean.  But the rest of it is quite dirty.  The roads are in good condition though.


A street in Maputo city center


Significant traffic circle in Maputo City Center

Its not easy walking around the city.  You need to be quite fit.  The roads are steep.  Especially if you plan to walk to the shopping hotspots and the harbour area.

Of course I managed to find a nice hotspot do dance.  Kizomba is big in Moz, but not as free as with the Angolans back home.  The Mozzies take it very seriously.  Mostly saving it for their partners.  It is very ”up close and personal.  Anyway, the place I found was Havanna Lounge … if I remember correctly, and I arrived early and got to watch these performers practicing for some or other show.


dancers practicing at Havanna Lounge, Maputo


dancers practising at Havanna Lounge Maputo


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