A week in Mozambique

My good friend and fellow India roadtripper invited me to go to Mozambique where she is based for the next few months.  I’ve been wanting to go for a while now, especially as part of my last road trip, but things didn’t work out that way.  So, now is a good time.  The weather should be mild.  Now however, I have quite limited time (18 to 28 April), to get there, get to see/know/feel a bit of Mozambique, and then get home again.  So, here was what I was thinking I could do:

A road trip – but my bike is not being very reliable at the moment.

A return flight – but at R6000+ rand this seems excessively expensive.

Combination of road, rail and air!

Now doesn’t option 3 sound exciting?  It seems to work out best to take an Intercape bus to Johannesburg, a Shosholoza train to Komatipoort, walk/taxi over the border to Mozambique, and take a local train to Maputo!  The ‘getting there’ starts with boarding the bus at 5:30pm Thursday 18 April, arriving to Johannesburg Park station Friday 1:20pm.  There’ll be about 5 hours to do something in Joburg perhaps before I catch the Shosholoza at 18:10.  Then arriving in Komatipoort at Sunday 20 April 6:38am.  And then do this bit of exciting stuff getting to Ressano Garcia and then finally Maputo by 1pm on Sunday!  Ok, so it may take unnecessarily long, but the journey should be exciting.  I’ve already booked the bus and the return flight so now I just need to book the Shosholoza.  I’m going with the sitting instead of the sleeper option.  It should be very interesting.  And, to make the most of the time I have left, I’ll just fly back from Maputo to Cape Town on 28 April.  Its about a 3 – 4 hour long flight.  Hmmph, now where did I put my passport …


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