Unplanned memory

Written for the Daily Prompt: Happy Wanderer

Planning is a waste of a good memory.  Which is one of the reasons I travel alone.  People stress too much about plans and cannot imagine that living without a plan is even possible.  Living a scheduled week after week after week after work week is more than enough for me to have to tolerate.   To plan to make special memories seems to me to create fake.  Like the big fancy wedding which looks so beautiful on photographs.  Each happy moment perfectly staged.  Yet, leading up to that moment, is a hell of a stress, usually from the bride(zilla) side.  So much money spent.  A day in such uncomfortable clothes (to look as good as possible), posing as if happy, so the photos can look good.  But this is off the topic already.

I like to travel unplanned.  Which is a bit restrictive in where I can go and when I can go.  In terms of when I can go, it is to my benefit, because I can go to places out of season when things are less ‘staged’ and more natural.  Things are usually cheaper too.  And I avoid that annoying crowds.  I hate crowds.  Drives me nuts.  Climatically, this is not always the perfect time, but in South Africa at least, with a moderate climate, its not that big a problem.  As far as where I go, I get to choose the places less frequented by tourists, for a fresh experience.


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