My Southern African Road trip day 6, Tuesday 3 December – Augrabies

I stayed another day in Augrabies.  It would have been a waste have come this far and not do a day hike at least.  I tried to get going early, but as usual, this plan didn’t work out and I only got to the reserve just before 9am when it was already quite hot.  I took a hike along the Dassie/Klipspringer trail which are nearly the same, except for one section.  It was HOT HOT HOT.  Very little shade, and lots of those irritating slow motion flies who were fricken buzzing around my head all the time!  So, It was a struggle to appreciate what was going on around me while getting a good bicep/tricep workout flicking the flies away with the info leaflet about the hiking trails.  This must be how cows feel.  There are a few natural water features along the way, inluding a stream, a waterfall.  I would have loved to do some river rafting but the company that does that were not taking bookings that day.  Here are some pics I took on the day, mostly along the dassie/klipspringer trail.


Near the turn for the Augrabies nature reserve, a reminder for me that there is some adventure biking down the road for future reference.


A starling admiring the waterfall.


signage along the dassie/klipspringer trail


Rock formations early on the hike. Carved by water over a very very long time.


A very very scary part along the hike clambering over boulders, accross a steep gorge


Looking a bit upside down


The relief of a stream. If it wasn’t flowing so fast towards a waterfall, I might have taken a dip there.


wooden walkway over a tricky section


Lonely, thirsty trees up on a hill


Water hastily making its way towards a waterfall


The same fast moving stream


Interesting looking rocks. The top one almost looks like an alien skull (with a bit of imagination of course).


elegant ‘potholed’ rocks


looking up to moon rock


Scenery from Moon rock. The 3 dimensionality of the situation is removed because it all blends together. I was in fact standing ontop of moon rock, probably about 20 meters above the rest of the landscape


some landscape


4by4 trail

I leave you with a piece of writing sent to me by my friend at this point in my trip:

A passage from Helen Moffett‘s anthology by William Dicey“….I considered the riverscape before me. What is it about these mountains, this river? What gave them this exulted quality? The startling contrast between wetness of water and the stoniness of stone, yes, but why did I find it so compelling? Was it the suddenness of the transition? A metre off the water you are already in desert. A few steps further and the onslaught of rock and hammering sun so overwhelms you, you can hardly conceive of water anymore, you begin to doubt of the Orange’s ability to wet you. Perhaps that’s where the magic of the Richtersveld resides, in the steep gradient between water and stone, in the tension it creates.”


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