My naiive observation

Here is something that disturbs me about what I’ve seen so far, or rather what I’ve NOT seen. Besides the few (and very few it was) goats, sheep and cows, there are no animals. One has to go to a private game reserve to see some that have been especially brought in. What have we done???? Olifantshoek hasn’t seen an elephant since the time of Jan Van Riebeeck.


3 thoughts on “My naiive observation

    • misschief101 says:

      One lonely camel somewhere, and on the way to Kleinsee, only 1 Kudu. Its sad. The only place to find animals is in game reserves, and even there, they ‘boast’ about having 10 of this and 5 of that. Animals which they had to ‘get’ from somewhere else. Maybe Where I’ve been is not remote enough, but still, I’ve been around a very wide perimeter and NOTHING. Ok, maybe not nothing, a few donkeys and horses on top of what I’ve already mentioned. I will definitely visit Namibia on my next trip if there are animals wild and free to behold.


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