India Road trip Take 5: Ranthambore to Jaipur Wednesday 11 September

On Wednesday, we left Ranthambore and headed off to Jaipur which took us a couple of hours, There is nothing quite like travelling on the road in India.  The landscape, farms, animals, and I love the people!  If you click on the pictures with people, and have a closer look, you’ll see the beaming smiles :D.  Yet they are going about their day to day hard work and still have this happiness to share with a stranger.  Wherever we interacted with people, they were friendly, helpful, and very hospitable.  Its something that lights me up inside and helps me to forget all my stupid imagined troubles in my comfortable life.


On the road to Jaipur


On the road to Jaipur

We passed through this town where the road was this red dust.  It was quite a mission getting through this town.  The town was much bigger and much more conjested than the other little towns we’d passed through.  I wish I knew the name of all these roads and towns we passed through, but the language in the little town are mostly Hindi, and there was not really time to stop and check on the GPS app that Gaby was using to check the names of these places.  Some where along the way, we stopped for a pic on this very very bouncy bridge.  Gaby used the ten second timer on her camera to take a pic of the three of us (see second picture below).  She placed her camera on the wooden railing.  And just as the shot was finished, a truck came past, and we realized what a stupid idea it was to have done this.  We were lucky her camera didn’t fall off the side of the bridge because of all the bouncing when the truck passed over!


A town we passed through on the way to Jaipur


Posing on a scarily bouncy bridge!


School boys on a truck

It seemed as if my tyres were a bit flat.  My bike seemed to be weaving a little more than just for the dirt on the road.  So we found this place to check all our tyre pressures.  They used a little makeshift engine to pressurize the compressor that they used to pump up our wheels.  They physically started the engine by hand, kind of how one would kickstart the engine of a bike.


A little smallholding next to where we stopped to check our tyre pressure.


Having our tyre pressure checked.


Another town we passed through


School boys in the town

All week there were these festivities celebrating the birth of Ganesh, the elephant god.  Santosh says he is the god of prosperity.  Basically the one who you pray to for a good career and income and so on.  As part of the celebrations, people hand out food and water.  Below is a little banana and water stand where we decided to stop for the festival handouts.  It never occurred to us that the water was from the ground.  We just drank and ate without a second thought.


they gave us bananas


We got some sweet snacks from these religious festival peeps

Further down the road the religious festivities were in full swing.  We stopped again because it was a nice little village, and I think the gypsy caravan/dwelling caught Gaby’s interest.  


Religious festivities


curious young lady


colourful ladies

The festival peeps offered us the murky looking liquid that me and Gaby were very nervous about.  But we took what they offered.  I remember asking Gaby if she thinks this was safe to drink.  With a worried look on her face she told me, “I don’t want to think”, and with that we both downed the murky stuff which turned out to be fresh lemonade 🙂  We saw them squeezing it on the side of the road where they were also pumping water.  Funny enough, we had no reactions to the water.  It must be clean enough in these farm regions.


working hard pumping water for fresh lemonade


Happy, dancing, colourful ladies


Woman inside her home


elderly lady does not want her face on a photo

The gypsies were very friendly, they showed us around their living quarters and let us take photos of them.  They are so beautiful.  What I love about these people and most people we found along the road.  They are so authentic.  They don’t put on a hollywood face for fotos.  They are just doing what they are doing, even when you take photos.  of course alot of women don’t want to have their picture taken, but they don’t get aggressive about it, they simply cover their faces (like the lady in the picture above).


Beautiful teenage gypsy girl


Gypsy girl smokes with her mom


Gypsy mom confusing Gaby asking if we have any soap.


Gypsy home

Religious festivities


Gypsy mom smokes Hookah


Celebrations – happy people all around

When we finally got to Jaipur, we had some delicious curry lunch somewhere in the city , and afterwards went to book into a fancy hotel.  It was very fancy and also very expensive.


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