Mumbai airport

… was very much an Indian welcome.  There is of course a Hindi name, but I’m too lazy to look it up now.  Feel free to google it if you must.  Lots of Pseudo security (as my friend and colleague Barry would say).  You walk about ten steps between randomly placed security checkpoints and conveyor belt scanners where they scan your luggage.

Nobody queues at any point.  They all just bundle up.  Two or three people are sitting at one desk where one person could be enough.  Job creation is big in India.  And so is chaos.  It was clear to me at this point that I needed to put on my ‘good sense of humor’ hat.  Time to tuck my stress into my socks, relax and enjoy.

The international side of Mumbai airport is separate from the domestic one.  It was the beginning of the adventure that is the traffic in India.  I had to take a cab across to the domestic side to catch my flight to Delhi.  I also let some Argentinian women share my cab.  The stress was in my socks and they needed a ride there and had no rupees yet.  The wait for the airport shuttle would have caused us to miss our connecting flights.  Coincidentally, I also let them share my Indian address at passport control would not let us pass without having an address in India for where were going.

Nevermind the bus which takes you from the exit of the airport building to the airplane.  You bundle at the exit for the bus, get on it, it rides to the left, then turns around and rides to the right, stops 5 meters accross from where it picked you up, and here your plane is waiting for you to board.  Basically, it would have taken less than 30 seconds to walk over to the plane.

Note the picture is not my own.  I’m too lazy to add the link to the original.  Apologies.



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