Here, there, not quite anywhere – the flight

Its been a long time since I’d been out of SA.  So the long flight was rather novel to me.  And a bit emotional.

I’ll never get over leaving a place, flying away to another one far, far away, where life and the people are completely different.,  I saw a beautiful dawn, the beginning of fiery sunrise, piercing the horizon.  Hazy, misty, matte.  I was one of those lucky people again, on their way to somewhere else, going to live something outside themselves.

South African flight attendants are very ordinary.  Not the models of Qatar airways.  Apart from being all ages, young to old, all sizes, skinny to overweight,  Its a reflection of the South African worker rights.  I’m not mocking.  Just stating facts.

There was a manly man on the flight.  I liked the way his facial muscles flexed over his square jawbone when he chewed his food.  The woman infront of me had something like a size 10 foot.  She sat next to a chap with a hedgehog-like hairstyle.

It just so happens Joann Strauss from ‘Top Billing’  was on the same Cape Town to Jozi flight.  She looks different in person.  Still picture perfect, And very well spoken, and eloquent.  Beautiful.  But one imagines because of seeing her present on Top Billing that she always dresses in designer ballgowns.  She was dressed quite funky.  Cute.

Being above the clouds made me think this clever little thought: “Its always sunny, you just have to rise above the clouds”.

Going through passport control security, I had another few thoughts: The passport control people, and the security who scan your things to check for hazards, and so on, they are sitting, standing at the gate between here and everywhere.  Never going anywhere.  Just sitting, standing there letting people pass through or not.  People on their way to somewhere else.  So many somewhere’s they will never get to see.  A living purgatory.  They are like the guardians of the gates of heaven.  Letting people in, but never going through themselves.

The onboard SAA safety video is lame and hilarious.  About 6 hours into the flight, as I change my socks (due to walking into a wet toilet), I realize whey they give you socks on the flight.  It must be in case your own are stinky and you’d like to take your shoes off.  That way, you needn’t stink up the place.

This post feels rather too random.



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