Rupees et al


Everything went so smoothly with the forex!  I’m extremely impressed by Bidvest bank!  their service was warm, friendly, helpful.  They were not big on paperwork, but more on getting things done in a logical way.

I must be honest, I hardly knew Bidvest bank existed, but now that I do, I think I just might move all my banking over to them.  On top of it all, they are the only bank here that deals in Rupees, which makes me kind of suspect they have more things that other banks don’t have.

The consultant at my bank who organized this, helpful as he was, made a bit of a mix up in ordering ONLY 1000 rupees instead of R10 000 worth of rupees (which could have been an absolute disaster with any of the mainstream banks in SA).  There would have been so much paperwork to redo, so much documents to fill in and sign, so much complications, which I would not have been able to handle and sort out in one day.  They didn’t even need to see my passport, id, proof of address, or travel itinerary which other banks would have insisted on.  They were happy with the scanned in copies sent to them by my main man consultant with the connections.

I was in and out there in no time, and only paid an overall comission of R330 on R10 000 exchanged which is basically very little.  Had I done it through another forex company, I would have paid soooooo much more, I’m absolutely sure of that.  Besides the fact that I wasn’t able to get rupees anywhere else anyway, so it would have been a case of getting dollars, paying a fat commission on that, and then exchanging the dollars to rupees, paying another commission.

Seriously Bidvest, y’all got it going on!!!!

I also want to add, that the feeling you have when you know you are about to do something you always wanted to do is just indescribable.  Having a friend in a foreign country who is willing to adventure with you there, its just an experience money cannot buy.  Its just incredible.  I’m so thankful, and so grateful to her, and hope she takes up my offer to come down here in her next holiday.

Peace out my readers.  Till later.bidvest


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