3 Days to India!



As soon as my socks dry, I’ll be packing them in and be done.  Kitty sitter is organized.  Still need to get money though.

Its such a hell of a mission to get simple things done in SA, like the paperwork needed to exchange money. Sigh, nonetheless, I will have to do it today.  After some scouting around for a foreign exchange where I could buy some rupees, I found out that I could get up to R5000 at ‘Rennies’ and they would have to order it which would take a couple of days.  I then went to my bank (who don’t sell rupees), to check about what the charges, and logistics are of rather just using my card at the ATM’s and paypoints in India.  They put me on the fone with a consultant who assured me, he had a connection at ‘Rennies’ who could get me R10 000 exchanged.  I think he was fired though because people in his position are not supposed to operate on ‘connections’, and do things out of the boundaries of the rules.  All calls are recorded.  I haven’t heard from him since.  So, I suppose, R5000 in rupees, and R5000 in $US.

Work has been CRAZY.  I still don’t know how I’m going to survive until Thursday.  My plan is just to keep my head down and keep putting one foot infront of the next.

Its been quite a week! Been feeling quite dreamy and experiencing some wierd things!   Among other things, my dancing has been so heavenly.  Its amazing how this changes with emotions.  All these bloody old exes have been on my case in this last week!  Its like they called each other up and decided this was the week to bother me.  Lord in Heaven.  I met a new guy too.  Can’t figure him out yet.  I’ll deal with him when I get back.

My gorgeous friend who I’m doing this trip with says she managed to get a mechanic to accompany us on the trip, with our history with mechanics, we better hope we are not attracted to him.  It is the safer thing to do though,  In case of mechanical trouble, and also if we find ourselves in a rather rural area, they won’t stone us to death for being two ladies on the road alone.  Ok, I’m exaggerating, but apparently its still taboo.


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