India in less than two weeks!



It hasn’t sunk in yet.  In less than two weeks I’ll be heading off to India.  Its been so long since I’ve been out of South Africa.  Its been so long!  I have so much work (at work) to get done before then.  And I need to find out if I can make a dealing with some Indian settlers over here to exchange some of my Rands to Rupees.  If I can avoid the ridiculous commissions they charge at the foreign exchange, I will do it.  I also need to visit my great aunt to find out info on my long lost distant family in the motherland.  Money-wise, My cousin who’s been not too long ago says I should survive easily on 5000 Rands for 10 days, but I’ll exchange R10 000 just in case.  Haven’t decided what to pack yet.  So far the thought of what shoes I’ll be taking has been my biggest worry.  Biker boots, lined gum boots or hiking boots.  So far, Hiking boots with some waterproof plastic covers seem like the best option.  Hiking boots are good all rounders.  Or I could just take my biker boots and a pair of tackies (sneakers).  Clothes-wise, I suppose just some spare undies, and some comfortable ‘lounge around’ pants that are good to walk around in too, and some t-shirts and maybe a warm track top (sweater).  And then some stuff to clean myself with.  And of course my camera!   I just know this is going to be one experience I will NEVER forget!


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