A life at sea … a life of dreams

For several years its been my dream to have some sort of life at sea.  The freshness, the wildness, the wind, the water, the salt, the depth of mystery, the alien environment, the riskiness.  I can’t put it fully into words this NEED in me to be close to the sea.  So much so that I spent a good few years diverting my study path to get me closer to a career that may allow me to be at sea. It occurred to me that there may be another way to do this, that suits the lifestyle of my dreams much better.

Living on a big-ish (enough to live on comfortably) yacht just might be exactly what could do the trick.  I checked out some prices on second hand ones, and I just might be able to afford it, if I could get it financed.  I found some from 1/3rd the price of a house I could get financed for.  There are some other things to consider I’m sure, but it definitely seems possible.  Another plus is that there are lots of creative ways in which to make an extra buck with a little boat. It would be great for scuba diving too! Gosh, I could be a gypsy sailor like I’ve always dreamed.  Just the thought makes me want to cry tears of joy … sniff.



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