Back to my (visible) roots

Got the visa for India yesterday.  My ‘Guapa’ friend has mapped out two routes for us so far.  It will be in the mountainous regions to avoid monsoon floods.  I’m a bit afraid of riding long distances in the rain, but the worst that can happen is we can die, and we will die eventually anyway.  So I suppose that’s not so bad.  Might as well go out with a crash and a bang, and maybe a flash.

In the meantime, I’ve been chatting to my last remaining uncle.  I know somehow a couple of generations back, some of my ‘forefathers’ came from India to South Africa and settled here.  It turns out that the new generation there still know about their distant family in South Africa.  So I’m tempted to do the ‘Indian’ thing and go look them up … go back to my roots so to speak.  At least the ones that are visible on my face.  Need to chat to my great aunt who’s been to visit the village (several times in  her younger days) that my family in the motherland OWN (so says my uncle).  Interestingly, this great aunt and I share a birthday.

Definitely Epic



5 thoughts on “Back to my (visible) roots

  1. Cassandra says:

    I like your attitude – we’re gunna die any way, may as well die living than live dead. I always think that when I go dangerous places or get in weird, wild situations.


  2. twotiretirade says:

    Riding motorcycles in the rain is not all that dangerous, just make sure that you take it slow. I would not suggest riding in the rain in the dark mostly b/c I am night blind and I think everyone else may be as well. Get some type of Stay Clear Solution for your helmet visor to help keep the rain off of it, that may help. Get busy living or get busy dieing is the phrase I like to say. Cheers!


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