Mystic India – soon to come!

I am lucky enough to have met some amazing women in my life.  One of them is from Guatemala.  And at the moment she is living in India.  We met a couple of years ago at a California Superbike School in Johannesburg which lasted only 3 days, but 3 days was enough to know that  this friendship promised LOTS of adventure in the future.  She is amazing like that :).

So now that future has indeed come.   At the moment she is living in Delhi, India.  And she just bought a second motorcycle!  How cool is she? Yesterday we decided that during the next September vacation I will come to India and we will do a roadtrip around India with her bikes!  I’m not sure what bikes they are, but I think they are 250cc bikes, which is kind of perfect.  I wish I had time and money to spend at least a month there, but 10 days is all I have 😦 and well, the South African rand is a let down as usual.   I know NOTHING about India, so its bound to be MINDBLOWING!  I cannot wait!



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