If you followed my previous roadtrip you might remember that my last stop before returning to Cape Town was Sedgefield.  Sadly, the only links I can find about Sedgefield are aimed at tourists.  Nothing that is purely informative (perhaps I haven’t searched hard enough).  The most impressive thing I found in Sedgefield was the exposed ancient dunes.  I’m not sure if I made a big deal about it in my previous post.  Now that I read up on geological processes, these dunes are even more amazing to me than before.  I vaguely remember thinking to myself – as I walked along the beach admiring the kilometers of exposed ancient dunes – that I’m not going to take photos of it, just going to enjoy looking at it.  I thought that surely that many many millions of photos of these had already been taken and were floating around on the web.  Apparantly NOT SO!  And I am so disappointed in myself for not taking any, I think I will have to visit Sedgefield again,  if only for half a day.  I need to see those dunes again, and take some photographs to share with others.  Sedgefield seems very underrated in comparison to other places along the garden route.  It would be nice to see the dunes with the naked eye and try to see if I can figure out what they are saying with my newfound titbits of geological knowledge.


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