Reflections – road trip

The ride home was lovely. There is something about the piece of N2 freeway between Riversdal and Botrivier. There are just miles and miles of farmlands, cows grazing, so tranquil. The 450 km back took me longer than I expected.


I will definitely have to get myself a bike more suited to long distance. Something with a more upright riding position, and some luggage carriers. I definitely do not want to ride with a heavy bag on my back again!  I think I may even consider CB 400 SF.  Why?  Because its first and foremost very light on fuel.  Then, its also very smooth, very comfortable, and with a suitable windscreen and a nice couple of luggage bags hanging over the back seat, or a box on the back seat, what more could a girl ask for.  I’ve had one before, and I regret ever selling it.  Sure one of thoe 1200 tourers might be much faster (but whats the point of rushing) and significantly more comfortable with modern luxury, but it would cost too much in terms of tyres, servicing and fuel.  A 400 is more than enough.  I don’t think I even got the opportunity to do more than 160 km/hr considering there was enough traffic to slow me down to a comfortable average of 140 km/hr.


This one week road trip broke the ice for me in terms of seeing South Africa.  In terms of costing its not bad.  Per day, my average spending amounted to about R200 petrol per day (covering between 300 and 400 km) R150 to rest my head and less than R50 for food (supermarket food).  So R400 per day max.   Which is not bad at all.  I think in general I spent less than that.  To make it cheaper, one could do camping which would cut the sleeping option in 3.  Camp sights are very well kitted out with creature comforts like communal kitchens and hot showers.  You will need extra place on your bike for a tent and sleeping bag.


Petrol is a significant cost.  I think next time, I’ll do only one or two towns, and stay perhaps 3 to 4 days in each.  That way I could get a nice feel of the town, relax, and save on petrol!  There’s so much to see in SA,  I haven’t even seen half of the Western Cape yet.  I’ll definitely be doing more of this kind of thing.  With my bike, with my car, with the bus, with the train.  Alone, or with a friend.  Alone is better I think, for me at least, I feel more relaxed without the expectations of another person hanging over me and stressing me out.


This is definitely one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever done.  Its something else to get to see your country from the perspective of a traveller.  Make one see things with the wonder of a child again.   I’ve added some pictures to previous posts on this short road trip from Day 1 to Day 5.  Please take a look back and enjoy the view!


Peace out for now … I’ll definitely be back with more adventure soon!


Life is short …


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