Day 5 – road trip


Very deceptive idyllic Sedgefield beach. There is a killer current. But still worth risking a good old refreshing dip.


The injured Seal on Sedgefield beach

 Sedgefield was the perfect place to chill before heading home. The backpackers has that relaxed Island vibe. Afrovibe is its name. I got up this morning put my bathing costume on and never took it off till supper time. In the morning I collected a whole bag of beautiful shells for my mum. She makes jewellery and is going to love them. They’ll make my backpack very heavy for the ride home, but it will be worth it to see the smile on her face.


After going back to drop the shells by my dorm bed, I picked up some snorkeling gear from the office to snorkel around a bit in the lagoon. I made it halfway there only. On the way was a seal on the beach who had been bitten by a shark. Its one eye had completely popped out and its other eye swollen shut. The holes left by the shark bite were clearly visible and oozing puss. The poor creature had been lying there since morning. The beach patrol folks said they had informed the relevant people and some or other vet service was on their way to do what they could. I stayed with the seal to comfort it, patting its head and cooling it down with the seawater from time to time. At least two hours passed but nobody came. Eventually, I lost my patience and went to ask at Afrovibe reception for the number for the animal rescue to find out what was going on. After forcing a cell fone number – for one of the rescuers – out of the person who answered the fone, I found out that they intended to do nothing about the poor creature as it had not been injured as a result of any human thing (like shark nets and oil spills). I was angry but what could I do? I just stroked its head a bit longer and then took a very long walk down the very long beach.


It is a very long beach. I probably didn’t even walk along 1/4 of it, and I walked for about an hour. The dunes are magnificent. These ancient dunes had become exposed, revealing millions of years of intricate geological history. Chips of the dune lay scattered on the beach. It is a sight to behold. Standing on the beach at night watching the waves break at night is a bit like watching fireworks light up the darkness. Interesting.


Home time tomorrow. And just in time too, because I’m really missing my kitty cats, and my Cuban who I hope is still in the harbour.


Life is short …


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