the sunday before the monday

Its past midnight on the Sunday before the Monday of my unplanned roadtrip. Its definitely going to be me going solo. I wasn’t sure whether I’d go through with the trip until now. Sitting in the lounge now listening to two of my cousin’s wives talk for hours – discussing campsites with activities for kids and who’s baby did what cute thing – has helped me decide. I absolutely have to go through with it. If only to remind myself that the humdrum of the classic life is not for me.


The general direction of the garden route is still the plan. I have to make an effort to get to Cape Agulhas, the real southernmost point of Africa (as opposed to the more well known Cape Point). Not sure yet where to fit it in, but I will. I bought a nice big backpack yesterday for the trip. Packing will still be a challenge though. Traveling by bike with no storage is no easy peasy feat. I figure I’ll have to prioritize a fresh set of underwear for each day of the week… Anyway, time to get home and get to bed. I managed to find someone to feed my cats for the week. More tomorrow.


God, the conversation between the wives is getting really interesting now (worries about kids crossing the road and getting snatched by Nigerians)… yawn.


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